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No Salespeople, No Day Rates.


T.B.A. routinely increase the Operational Efficiency of a Clients business, by reviewing their document output, paper based processes and workflow.

Yes we work with Clients to reduce Print / Paper volumes, streamline processes and digitise their workflow, but what they are really interested in are RESULTS.

Results which enable your existing staff to do more, faster and at a reduced operating cost. Increasing your Operational Efficiency and Profitability.


Processing the many thousands of documents generated and received by your business costs you time and money. More so when your business seems to be reliant on paper and people to deliver the workload. It’s hard to step back and identify how you can streamline this yourself.

Solutions must be available, but where do you start and where can you obtain REAL advice? How do you know what is top of a salespersons list - selling their particular solutions, or truly getting to the heart of your issue? What if the best way forward is not the hardware or software they sell, what if it is an alternative, or even something much simpler than that...


Our approach is simple and client focused. Each Client environment is unique, so we spend our time listening and learning about your business, people, workflow and administrative systems. We map your processes and investigate them for potential problems and areas for improvement.

The solution to each will most likely be different - a process change, a specific piece of software, or do nothing because the problem lies elsewhere. With T.B.A there is no predefined sales pitch, or outcome! We focus first on understanding your people, departments and processes; until we know this…we know nothing.


Whatever we propose, one thing is certain: it will be based on what delivers the optimum solution for your business, rather than maximum commission for a salesperson. We’re not driven by incentives to sell you a specific suite of Hardware or Software products.

Our focus is to review the findings and see if there is a measurable improvement available in the FINANCIAL & / or OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY of your business.  The T.B.A. process is productive, low risk and cost-effective, for business people who prefer to discuss business cases instead of watching polished sales pitch.


T.B.A. - Transparent Business Advice. Why settle for less?