NO retainer or fixed costs.
Fees only generated as a % of
savings / results DELIVERED.

T.B.A. routinely saves companies thousands of pounds reviewing their document output, management and workflow. We search your existing procedures for bottlenecks and inefficiencies so we can produce a bespoke business case, identifying real savings through a combination of improved processes, workflow automation and print reduction.

We work in a true partnership with Clients. We have a transparent process and pricing model where our fees are only generated as a percentage of results delivered.


Processing the many thousands of documents generated and received by your business costs you time and money, more so when your business seems to be reliant on paper and people to deliver the workload. It’s hard to step back and identify the problem yourself.

Solutions are available but you wonder what is uppermost in the mind of the salesperson - closing the deal or truly getting to the heart of your issue? The best way forward may not be the hardware or software they sell. It might be something much simpler than that.


Our approach is bespoke and strategic. We treat each company individually, listening and learning about your business, people, workflow and administrative systems. We map your processes and investigate them for potential problems.

Our solution to each could be different - a process change, a specific piece of automation software, or doing nothing because the problem lies elsewhere.


Whatever we propose, one thing is certain: it will deliver the optimum business solution for you, rather than maximum commission for a salesperson, as our fees are solely results based. We’re not driven by commission to sell you a specific solution.

The T.B.A. system is thorough, honest and cost-effective, for business people who prefer informed choices to a polished sales pitch.

T.B.A. - Transparent Business Advice. Why settle for less?