No, really. If we can't
cut your print costs,
we won't charge
you a penny.

T.B.A. routinely saves companies thousands of pounds by reviewing their printing equipment, and how it’s used. We never just estimate. Instead we go into a company, monitor usage and extract hard data. We produce a bespoke business case, identifying real savings through improved printing productivity. There is no upfront charge for this review. T.B.A. only claims a margin of subsequent savings to the client.

If you don’t make savings, we don’t get paid!


Office printers and copiers can be a major cost in time and money. So why automatically lease or buy new kit from your usual dealer? And why take advice from a sales person who wants to sell you particular products?

It may be the way it’s always been done. But in a knowledge-driven, information-rich world, we believe it’s time for a change.


At T.B.A. we prefer hard data to glossy brochures.

We conduct a detailed assessment of your business needs which shows what you require and, importantly, what you don’t. We show you how to save money and provide a bespoke solution for you. This could be a mixture of retaining equipment and investing in new, but not necessarily from a single supplier.


Whatever we propose, one thing is certain: it will deliver the optimum business solution for you, rather than maximum commission for a salesperson. We only take our fee from the savings you make because our business is to help your business, not sell equipment.

The T.B.A. system is thorough, honest and cost-effective, for business people who prefer informed choices to a polished sales pitch.

T.B.A. – Transparent Business Advice. Why settle for less?