Our Solution comes from a single, driving principle

Put simply, we align our business goals with yours, literally. If we don’t improve your operational and financial efficiency, we can’t generate our fee, because it derives from only one source: the results we identify and implement for you.

How do we do this?

All documents are data and, if handled as such, companies can make significant efficiency gains and savings by streamlining their working methods and automating workflow. At TBA Group we create digital workflows that transform the effort required to process and handle your company’s documentation. They will automate your paper-based processes, reduce your reliance on paper and the need to print while improving the productivity of your staff. Working in a digital world you can manage your documents more efficiently, securely and have the power to do more with your digital data.


We work with clients on a range of solutions specifically designed for their department / business / team. We don’t SELL particular hardware / software. Instead we build what is needed to move your business forward. We can:

  • Implement a step-by-step transition from paper to digital, enabling more agile working and reduced print volumes.
  • Conduct a through review of your document processes and, using the specific data gathered from your company, provide a detailed findings and recommendations report.
  • Identify areas where tasks can be streamlined and better organised.
  • Automate paper-based processes, identifying where software will deliver true efficiency gains.
  • Improve how your business stores and retrieves documents.
  • Identify and supply the most cost-effective hardware for any document output, including network printers, multi-functional devices, copiers and scanners with associated service and maintenance