Managing Documents and Data within your business requires Hardware and Software to support effective processes, and people to deliver the workflow – that’s a major operating cost.

Making changes can deliver significant added value BUT YOU NEED TO GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME. With TBA you get peace of mind that comes from confidence. Confidence that you’re working with an independent expert who will take the time to understand your business and processes first.


We help clients to streamline the operational and financial efficiency of their business, so they can focus on growth and increased profits.

With TBA you can add a Print, Document and Digital Workflow EXPERT to your team with no fixed costs or retainer. If you’re looking to move from PAPER to DIGITAL, automate paper-based processes, remove bottlenecks and improve productivity…

You should be talking to TBA.

Other benefits of working with TBA Include:

  • Low Risk – We invest our time and expertise conducting a detailed investigation of your business, looking for business cases to increase operational efficiency and reduce operating costs. With our phased approach and long-term view, we consider everything from automation to hardware.
  • Return on Investment – We do not charge day rates. Fees are only generated as a % of any agreed savings or results implemented. We source hardware/software at TRADE/NET cost and show the figures as part of the business case we build. TBA is transparent in how we generate fees because we need you to trust us in a true partnership based on common goals and real advice.
  • Save time and money – Automating workflow increases operational efficiency and reduces print volumes/spend. This improves productivity, allowing more to be done with your existing staff/operating costs base, increasing long-term NET profits.
  • Accountability TBA Group project manage from initial analysis through to supply and implementation of any hardware or software, including ongoing service/support. We manage the whole life cycle for our clients, making us accountable for our recommendations and ensuring we are a valuable resource.