At TBA we have the expertise and knowledge to review your entire document process, ensuring you have the right hardware such as network printers, multi-functional devices, photocopiers and scanners. Furthermore, we provide all hardware required at TRADE / NET COST to our Clients. This enables us to implement a stable print infrastructure. Then we can then invest our time and expertise in REDUCING their PRINT / PAPER volumes and improving their EFFICIENCY. This is where REAL VALUE is added.

Working with TBA, you’ll get REAL ADVICE on identifying exactly what hardware you need, not what somebody wants to SELL you. Reviewing and replacing hardware with an efficient, accurate and productive process. This is a low risk option for our Clients and means they do not need to waste time listening to SALES PITCHES from salespeople who are paid COMMISSION to SELL particular products. We see this as a risk and a poor use of time, time which could be spent transforming your business and adding real value by streamlining processes, digitising workflows and reducing print / paper volumes.


To us it doesn’t make sense to have individuals who are paid commission to SELL particular brands analysing your hardware requirements. Office printers and copiers can be time consuming to review but are both a major cost to your business and a major headache if poorly chosen.

So why automatically lease or buy new kit from a traditional dealer? Why spend time listening to sales pitches telling you why they are best for you? And why take advice from individuals who are targeted to sell minimum amounts of specific equipment per month, for as high a price as possible?

We’re not knocking the individuals here, just arguing that the traditional business model drives certain behaviour. We believe there are a number of conflicts of interest in the traditional process. Surely there must be a better use of your time and a better source of advice? Surely there must be a lower risk process, where you are confident that the recommendation is solely based on YOUR best interests?


We conduct a detailed assessment of your business needs, volumes and departmental requirements. (Please note this is not the same as a “Free print audit” from a Reseller). This is independent and preformed with no pre-defined outcome or sales pitch. Our focus is to understand your departmental needs, build requirements and identify the most cost effective and reliable solution to meet those needs.

Our goal is to implement the infrastructure needed to run the business efficiently, so we can then focus on more important areas – like reducing print / paper volumes. We tailor each recommendation to your business, ensuring we balance cost savings with reliability. We also meticulously plan and manage the implementation phase to ensure minimal downtime and disruption, enabling us to focus on more value added areas after the installation is successful.

TBA Group deliver business cases, not sales quotes, to show the best way forward. No salespeople and no commission cheques … only results.


  • A detailed report analysing your office equipment usage and requirements.
  • A breakdown of the recommended solution, including specific hardware sourced from a range of manufacturers – which ever best meets your needs.
  • Our pricing process for equipment is completely transparent, and based on you, the customer, maximising your savings.
  • We provide all hardware required a TRADE / NET Cost… simple, clear, cost effective and efficient.
  • The knowledge that you’ve acquired the optimum information to make your decision without committing days of your own time listening to sales pitches.
  • Solid factual research from an independent source, free from any conflicts of interest, outlining a business case for the recommended solution.
  • In TBA, a supplier who will take responsibility for the installation of your new equipment, ensuring minimum disruption to your business.
  • A supplier who will also be there for you beyond procurement and installation to servicing and further, building a long-term business relationship based on fair value and unequalled customer service.


Want to discuss your goals /projects in this area and find out more about how T.B.A can help?