The time frame for business decisions and responses has shrunk dramatically in the last 10 years, and continues to do so at an alarming rate. Everyday technologies from smart phones to cloud computing raise clients’ expectations about your agility in data and document management. It’s getting harder to keep pace.

If your system is creaking at the seams, or your people are struggling to process the volume of work, it’s unlikely to be for a single reason, so why should it be fixed by a single solution? Software has an important role to play but there are no “silver bullets”. How can new software alone solve a workflow structure that is out of date and no longer functional?

In any business, tried and trusted processes remain central to the company’s workflow long after their effectiveness has disappeared. As the company grows, simple tasks such as manual entry and handling of invoices, delivery notes, purchase orders and mail-outs, become more time consuming and can produce a bottleneck unless you take on more staff.

For sectors such as professional services, handling large documents manually can waste time and money preparing them, in paper form, for scanning or copying, while regulatory requirements are also constantly changing.

There is no quick fix for this. You require a solution based on a deep understanding of your business, departments, people and processes. This is the only was to identify the right hardware or software solution, which will increase the efficiency of your business and productivity of your staff.

So where do you go to obtain real advice on how to improve your business?


You could appoint a “Consultant” who will charge you a day rate to investigate your issues. This will normally result in a report which tells YOU how to fix them.


You could also speak to Salespeople who are paid commission to SELL particular HARDWARE / SOFTWARE, but the is inherent with risk due to the conflicts of interest involved.

We would argue there can be conflicts of interest in these approaches…but don’t worry, there is a better way.

We apply detailed analysis and invest our time to understand your working methods whilst only charging a low nominal rate, to cover basic costs / time. Then we use this knowledge to identify (or build) a solution which will work with your existing systems / people and increase your operational efficiency. We will then work with you to implement this solution, as we only aim to generate Margin based on results delivered to Clients.  An alternative exists.  It’s T.B.A – Transparent Business Advice.


Want to discuss your goals /projects in this area and find out more about how T.B.A can help?